Cat-eye sunglasses are no new news. Until Le Specs did this little cheeky take on them, in collaboration with designer Adam Selman. Spotted perched on the noses of Hadid sisters, the Jenner girls and Sofia Richie, these glasses are not a pricey pair at all. You won’t need to wait for Zara to produce a ditto copy. Because you can buy the originals for under $119 / 7K! Yes. Here’s all you need to know about Le Specs, these cat eyes and all of their other popular models.


1. The brand

Le Specs is an Australian brand that was started way back in 1979 by creative director Hamish Tame. Enjoyed by Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Zayn Malik and Kendall Jenner through to the customers of retailers like Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman, David Jones, Selfridges, Shopbop, Farfetch and Intermix.

cat-eye sunglasses-03


2. The pair

The pair that has become a global presence (and zara has got it’s stealthy paws on) is called The Last Lolita, inspired by the mischievousness of Sue Lyon in Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita. It was created in collaboration with designer Adam Selman’s playful and sexually-suggestive vision.. Adam Selman is a New York-based designer. He started working with Rihanna in 2011. Since then, he has created over 100 custom looks for Rihanna, and co-designed her first clothing collection with U.K. retailer River Island.

cat-eye sunglasses


3. The other starshades

Besides The Last Loita, the other two popular styles are The Flex (our eyes are on it) and The Fugitive. The Flex is a great unisex counter-culture style option that will add weight to your here-but-not-accessible vibe. The Fugitive is perfect opt-in for girls who feel The Last Lolita is too feminine.

cat-eye sunglasses_1


4. Some cool services – wedding & corporate gifts!

Your bridal bacchanalia needs to reflect your steez. So luckily for you, Le Specs offers Wedding Concierge services where Brides and Grooms can opt to select product in coordinated Mr. and Mrs. cases. Wedding attendees can also share in the fun with special Bride Tribe and Groom Squad cases. Besides this, Le Specs also offers corporate gifting services.

Bridal3 (1)


5. Tried & Tested in India

Editor Oui-Ren’s words – “I ordered The Fugitive on Le Specs site. It cost me about 6k INR. It was shipped to me by post so I didn’t have to pay the usual 30% custom duties. It came very well-packed. Love the style. Thankfully despite being a cat-eye style it’s not small for my face, sits just right. It goes as well with my midi skirt as with my biker boots. Damn pleased with my haul.”

cat-eye sunglasses_04


6. Downloadable

When we wrote above “Your bridal bacchanalia needs to reflect your steez” we meant…

cat-eye sunglasses-05 (1)



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