We helped the brand with innovative marketing strategies that led to great online conversions and even bolstered offline sales.

Other Mother Offer: Objective was to capitalise on International Mother’s Day and increase overall sales.

Analysing the numbers, we decided instead of a flat discount, we can increase the basket size to maintain margins & bump sales. So we went for a buy more, get more offer.

Online ATV jumped from 1200 to 2500 during the period.

Net Sales increased by 125% WOW(Week on Week)

91% increase in orders WOW.

Inspired by online connect the promo was taken offline & made live at 45 stores pan India. The offer now is a permanent signature property of Lakshita brought back each year to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Offer Emailer
other mother banner-01-1
Mother’s Day Digital Banner

September Sign Up: Objective was to gain subscribers. Client had tried many times to get the massive offline customer database to sign up on the new website through discounts but nothing had worked. We studied the offline customer sales data and also competitive scenario and devised a simple sign up offer that clicked with the insights. 

For the same value we changed the offer to FREE TIGHTS – communicated via social media & text + whatsapp to offline customers.

4000+ registrations on the site – in 24 hours. Overall subscribers jumped from 4000 to 30,000 in 3 weeks.

230% increase in sessions on the website – in 24 Hours

100% increase in sales over the period of two weeks.

The campaign contributed INR 7,00,000 in direct sales for that month.

sign up_blue-01
Sign-up Offer