Challenge: Increase footfalls in store & visibility on social media of stores

Campaign: Display Picture and it’s frequent changing is a ‘big deal’ in social media life. Changing a DP typically signifies an important event, a holiday, a new fashion/ style statement or most essentially your take on life. Updating DP & your status(even whatsapp one) and getting those likes on it is crucial. New DP has in much ways become synonymous with expressing your take on life or telling the world out there who you are. People now are actively ‘evaluating’ their pictures basis can it be a DP or not? We cashed in on this sentiment for the blockbuster store activation.

The idea was to create communication with witty lines about why someone hasn’t changed their profile picture. And if you haven’t done that then maybe your life is not ‘eventful’ enough. A new DP is a new statement of your take on life. So come to the store and get #FramedAtJJ


The store activation was a huge success which led to a 100% increase in conversion with 45% increase in footfalls WOW.

Created high engagement on SM with people making pic their display picture & tagging John Jacobs EyeWear + sharing it on SM.

Retail feedback: “The delight factor & buzz created at the store did the trick.”

Client has now made this a permanent brand intellectual property across all stores.