Launched the e-commerce and showcase website for the new Delhi based art gallery Easel Stories.

Website development including UI+UX design with navigational e-commerce intelligence and curated content building across the touchpoint. Our navigation framework reflects our presumption that users will not always enter the site through the homepage. And crafting experiences is always about user habits. We did this through custom landing pages, brand pages, and product pages fit with unique and personalized content.

Highlight design was the curated automated emailersc set that rejected “standard templates design” and instead built on the idea of famous works of art. The mailers are quirky, fun & have instant recall value. 

Welcome to Easel Stories Automated Mailer after sign up on website:


Order Confirmed Automated Mailer:


Order Dispatched Automated Mailer:


Order Arrived/ Completed Automated Mailer:


View at Home Assisstance Mailer:


Commission your Art Mailer:


Art Advisory Automated Mailer:


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