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Whether you have a cozy bar cart or the elaborate bar set up at home. Whether it’s stocked crazy with rows of single malts who’s names also you can’t pronounce or it boasts of the Ouzos, Sake, Sojus of the world. The one thing that takes your bar to the next level, is glassware. A set of tall glasses, whiskey standard ones and a some beautiful stems for wine doesn’t cut it anymore– even for beginners. And if you thought the addition of those crystal shot glasses kept it edgy you couldn’t be more wrong. We’ll talk when you boast of sake cups. But till then take this guide to glassware you need to have at your home bar whether you’re a beginner, want to get to the next level or really getting serious about it. Great guide to also name check some of the best glass ware brands in the world while you’re travelling.

But first wine

Too much wisdom has been handed down on wines so we’ll stay away from the types of wine and the glasses needed for it. Even the most hardcore sommeliers grudgingly concede glass ware for wine and wine pairings can be relaxed a bit. So for beginners we’re making it really simple by giving you a universal stemmed glass. The one trending big time at the moment is the eponymous Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass. Pick it up from Barney’s New York or order on Wine Enthusiast. Amazon does ship these to India based on stock availability so keep an eye out.




Coming of age home bar really does need it’s different red wine and white wine stems. Take your pick of glasses for both depending on which red or white you prefer to drink. While we love the collection at Noritake for it’s simplicity and elegance, Riedel really has the most exhaustive wine glass collection that covers all your bases. If you’re in Austria just drop by their stores and stock some lovely wine glasses and Amazon also stocks some Riedel glasses for delivery in India.





Getting serious with wine drinking then turn to wine chalices? Step into the world of Baccarat glass ware, more precisely the Baccarat Rohan Glass which is a wine drinker’s dream come true. Save it for your Château Cheval Blancs and special occasions.




Make your home bar whiskey wise

Whiskey is a religion world over. So don’t make the mistake of going basic with it at your home bar even when starting out. The beginners can go to the well loved and classic Old Fashioned glass or Rocks glass. These are versatile short glasses with a wide brim that allow for easy mixing and ice cubes. It may be the standard choice for serving whiskey but you can level up with the one you pick. Go really edgy with the Matterhorn Glasses which have an actual crystal replica of their namesake mountain Matterhorn in the Alps!


You might offend some whiskey snobs but you home bar gets that coming of age stamp with unorthodox whiskey tumblers. You can take a look at some local high end ceramic brands but the handcrafted in England Ox Horn tumblers are really edgy. They’re built form ethically sourced horns before you start fretting about that. Tumblers have become the new cool wave of serving whiskeys in hubs like New York and Hong Kong. Get the trend to your home bar.


You’re a seasoned whiskey drinker- read having it neat- then your glass ware should show that. Get serious with whiskey mini snifters, originally designed and made popular by Glencarin. But the one we’ve got our eyes on are the Reidel Vinum Single Malt Glasses. These single malt glasses are now officially endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association but can be used for Scotch and American whiskeys too. They have that typical snifter shape to allow for swirling and showing the whiskey’s colour. And adding ice or water to them is strictly prohibited- only for neat whiskey drinking.


Never be basic with beer

Beer is the most underestimated drink in the home bar- essential but there in the background. That can’t do especially with everyone suddenly wizening up to all Ales, Stouts, Drafts etc. It’s worth investing in some good beer glasses. Beginners stop serving out the pints and get yourself some standard Pint glasses or Pilsners. Signalling a coming of age are beer mugs, but with a difference. Like this really cool GOT inspired Seven Kingdoms Mug. We can really see wine flowing well into these as well actually!


The ‘get serious‘ beer glasses in your home bar would be stemmed goblets. This is when you’re not afraid of making beer elegant again. To the uninitiated this TeKu Stems may look like wine glasses but they’re beer glasses designed by Italian beer experts with German glass. Suitable for serving all kinds of beer.


Leaving you with some more exciting glassware that can really set your home bar apart. Invest in a pair of good Snifters for brandy, cognac and some cigars to go. Then there are Nicobar Aiiro Kulhad Set that double up as Sake cups, shot glasses and are great conversation starters. Nicobar also has a very quirky bar cocktails kit.

There you go, your bar is set.

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