Stubble density, beard length, or fade ratio, whatever it is that you are currently obsessing over, here’s a new label to consider adding to your grooming kit. Especially when it comes between $16-$27, has superfood ingredients, and is by none other than the one man-crush all straight men would also own up to – David Beckham. The range addresses all your modern man needs – from face cleaning, to tattooed body moisturizers and is a shoutout to Brit barbershop culture. If you are traveling to London anytime soon, cop a something for yourself (or your man). Or wait uptill March 1. Get all the updates on House99 below and order online from Harvey Nichols here.

Side-note: Wondering what’s barbershop culture? Barbershops was what the men frequented (daily in most cases) between the 1800s to 1940s. Barbershops are different from the new-age salons, differentiated by their decor, services and largely the ambiance that’s conducive to hanging out and fraternizing. The cult of barbershops is making quite a comeback. For example, if you happen to visit Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, London, drop by at AONO London (who were also part of the House99 launch).

1. Say hello to the newest label

House99 Beckham-01


2. Why is it named so?

House99 Beckham-03


3. What’s the inspiration behind the design?

House99 Beckham-04


4. What is the range like?

House99 Beckham-05


5. Where can you buy it?

House99 Beckham-06


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