You are a scented candle snob. Your exotic collection boast of exclusives fragrant candles from all corners of the world. From cult names like Cire TrudonFrédéric Malle, Diptyque to Jo Malone, Molton Brown to new icons like D.S. & Durga and Le Labo, you’ve name checked them all. But for all your love for exotic scented candles, you have been burning those gorgeous things wrong your whole life! It’s just about lighting up and blowing out when done, right? No! If you do that, your beautiful scented candles run the risk of running out too soon, or worse, their wax tunneling. And if you’re letting those candle catch dust and debris by keeping them open, you’re meddling with their fragrance. Here’s all you need to know to fix that and get your candle burning skills right!

Burn it with care….


candle burning-01


And after burning…


candle burning-02


Candle Care Accessories


candle burning-03


COVER IMAGE SOURCE: LE LABO– One of our favourite fragrance makers who create magic with their perfumes and scented candles. Eclectic, unusual and very exclusive fragrances for yourself and your home. Featured here is their iconic Palo Santo 14 scented candle and the ingredients.

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