Karl Lagerfeld. The Big K.

King of fashion. He is the Kreative Director of 3 labels- fashion powerhouses Chanel & Fendi and his own label Karl Lagerfeld.

Ace fashion photographer- he always shoots his own collections. Gifted filmmaker of many a short films mostly centred on Chanel.

Kaiser of Kool. One of the biggest Kultural icons of 21st century. Few people capture pop imagination the way Karl does.

He’s not just Karl. He’s a tour de force.



If it was up to us we’d establish a KARL-O-PE-DIA: A comprehensive guide to all things Karl. But in the meantime here are 6 Kool Karl Kollectibles that must be on that #LustList if you’re as Karl Krazy as us!


Released his own set of very Karl and very Kool emoticons on the smartphone. Available for both iOS & Android users. And of course his beloved cat Choupette features as well as his legendary gloved hands!

Emoticarl final



The man is famous for his Kotes and his one liners, dubbed Karlisms, as he is for his Klothes. He has an opinion on everything and thank God for that! Get a load of these K-gems.




Karl goes to Hollywood. Quirky illustrator Tiffany Cooper released these set of Krazy and Kool limited edition posters with Karl playing the iconic protagonist. The posters are hard to find but we’re sure the real Karlophiles will get their hands on these posters.

Karlywood final

Source1 & Source2

Karlito Fendi Fur Monsters

Wendi Bag Charms are the cutest things you can lay your hands on and the Koolest among them is our very own little Karlito Monster. It had a waiting list of 600 fashionistas before it even launched in fall last year!


Source1 & Source2 

Karl’s Secrets

Our newest obsession and top slot in the #LustList- Tiffany Cooper’s recently released graphic novel Karl’s Secrets. Starring Karl & Choupette. The wickedly humorous cartoon biography of the Czar of Kool is of Karl approved and loved. Tiffany has a knack for nailing Karl and his many nuances and she does it with flair in this tell all tale of the many adventures of the living legend & his cat. Thanks Tiffany for telling us how he likes to sketch in his PJs and that he never cries! Many such interesting facets of Karl’s life are brought to life in this collector’s item. It’s not available online yet but if get your hands on one from Colette Paris or Barney’s New York.

Karl's Secrets final


Karl Who?

When Colette, Paris launched a canvas bags designed by Naco-Paris in 2009, they became THE accessories of the season. Canvas! How you ask? Two words- “KARL WHO?”- written on them. And King Karl endorsing them of course! It’s an old one but still a classic Karl Kollectible if you can lay your hands on them somehow!

Karl Who?

Source & Cover Image Source

Hope your inner Karl junkie will be satisfied. Keep tuning into Le Hedonist for your Dose Of Karl!

May the Force be with you!

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