Women are showing what power pussies hold across the globe. Pussies are taking on powerful men like Weinstein, pussies are taking down establishments, opening dialogs, inspiring art and asking to be pleasured right. So how do you take care and show indulgence to the most hush-sush part of your body? Vagina beauty is a thing. Just like there’s facials, manis, pedis, why does vaginal beautification & indulgence stop at waxing and infection-care? We are here to introduce you to a new whole variety of products that you didn’t know existed. So next time you travel, be sure to look out for these products.

But first! Know better than to  call it it funny names like Banana Basket!

We are big fangirls (so are men) of the new-age sex columnist for Vogue – Karley sciortino. However we prefer to dig into her sexually empowering teachings on her own blog Slutever. Young, gorgeous and reading her is like speaking to a like-minded friend. So what better place firstly to smarten up on all that’s down there. Instead of getting down to the details here, we will let you hopover to her blog here to discover the 5 things you didn’t know about your vagina. Since you are going to like to follow her, hit follow on her instagram account here.


Image Source: Slutever Blog, Drawings by Maggie Dunlop


Care the cool way!

Why? Raise your hands if you have been living a zero-fucks given life with your vagina. Hardly! In fact it’s the most obsessed part of our bodies – from the itch to what it should smell like (again Karley has some advice here!). And given that it frequently deals with tampons, sweaty inner thighs, STs, all our dietary experiments and sex – yeast infecs and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) are common outfalls.

The Answer: With beautiful packaging and it’s variety of products, Love Wellness is here to solve our V-care conundrums. From washes to wipes, vitamins to infection erasers, they have quite a range of natural products.


Vagina beauty Love Wellness


Vagina Beauty The Killerv

The Killer (Rs.1690; lovewellness.co), a boric powder concoction to fight yeast infecs.


Vagina beauty Probiotics

Good Girl Probiotics (Rs.1950; lovewellness.co) to balance bacteria in the gut (we all know that the good bacteria need good PH balance which probiotics helps maintain and the only thing that helped Karley fight off her recurrent BV situation).


Vagina beauty Vitamins

Perfect Condition Vitamin (Rs.1950; lovewellness.co), a blend of turmeric, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, folic acid, garlic, and boron which destroys yeast on a cellular level


The beauty regimen for Vagina

Why? The rest of the skin – on face, hands, legs gets it dose of facials, serums, exfoliators, anti-aging creams, manis and pedis. Also with age, waxing, chafing, and just everything, vaginal skin undergoes dryness, irritation, tends to darken. 

The Answer: Say hello to the Scandinavian origin, New York based The Perfect V, meant for outer pubic region. It’s PH-balanced, dermatologist and gynecologist tested – clean beauty and paraben-free. The Perfect V™ is a progressive range of gentle beauty creams, exfoliators, firming serums, freshening sheets and more. It’s made with Scandinavian-sourced ingredients and vitamin-infused with anti-aging properties along with antioxidants like resveratrol and vitamin C to help reverse damage to cells and promote tissue regeneration. They have a whole How To Use section with videos. Shop right here.


Vagina beauty The Perfect V


Vagina Beauty Luminizer

The Perfect V LuminizerRs. 2790 approx


Vagina Beauty VV Cream

The Perfect V VV Cream – Rs. 3000


Vagina beauty Serum

The Perfect V Serum – Rs. 3500


The lipstick for lips below the hips!

Why? Because your lips below the hips get chapped too!

The Answer: VMagic’s Feminine Lips stick! Vmagic claims it’s the only feminine care cream that is 100% natural, free of all dyes, fragrances, soy, hormones, steroids, synthetic preservatives, petroleum or parabens. Lab tested, proven to be zero irritant and GYN-recommended. Pure, where it matters most. Besides the lipstick, they also have their classic cream, wash and moisturiser. We also fell a bit for their clean old-school design!


Vagina beauty VMagic lipstick

VMagic Lips Stick – Rs.1300 (10% off on subscribing)


The Emma Watson secret – The Fur Oil

Why? Because whether you love clean-waxed look, a landing strip or a lush bush, the stubbles as well as the bush needs caring for. 

The Answer: Fur Oil was developed FurYou! Fur was one of the first to create products purely for pubic hair.When Emma Watson, in her famous Into The Gloss (the beauty blog of Glossier founder Emily Weiss) interview, name-checked Fur Oil that she uses for all her hair – from brows to the bush down there, she inspired all of us. Sibling duo, Emily & Laura Schubert, along with co-founder Lillian Tung, decided to to put a care regimen out there for all our nether regions.


Vagina beauty Fur Oil

Fur Oil – Rs.2850


Vagina beauty Fur cream

Fur In-grown Concentrate – Rs. 1820 , Fur Stubble cream – Rs. 2210


Cramp care all natural and some cannabis!

Why? Well instead of popping meftas, let’s try some all-natural options. Especially if few involve cannabis 🙂

The Answer: We recommend 3 exciting brands to look out for – Lola TamponsForia Pleasure & Whoopi & Maya. Lola Tampons, the cool Everlane of tampons, also has a cramp care section of Vitamins and cramp care oil


Vagina beauty Lola Cramp care

Lola Cramp Care Essential oil – Rs. 1820, Daily Supplement – Rs. 1170


Forial Wellness, (remember the cannabis lube we featured in our “adult” Valentine’s read…) has what they call the marijuana tampons. Not exactly. Each box of suppository has 4 tampon like medicine to be inserted directly like a tampon. Priced at $44 here’s how you can obtain it if you happen to be in California or Colorado.


Vagina beauty Foria Relief


Whoopi & Maya: Whoopi Goldberg met master infuser Maya Elisabeth (creator of Om Edibles & 7 times winner of High Times Cannabis Cup awards!!) they created a medicinal wellness range of soak, savor, rub & relax. Yes. The 2 key products though are of interest when it comes to cramp care is Rub & Relax. Read more on how these products work here as well as where can you order them.


Vagina beauty Whoopi & Maya


Downloadable goodies (Quotes & more)!

While all the stuff above might be a click, flight or store visit away, here’s some instant pussy power available to save and share with friends or put it up on your instastory!











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