Women are no longer waiting for their partners to buy them lavish gifts. After all they are not just girls with the rich boyfriends or trophy wives anymore! They’re earning their way to freedom, fat bank accounts and lots of self love. A host of powerful and successful women are rewarding themselves with lavish gifts for all the hard work and grit. And this self love is here to stay, so ladies take note of some extravagant gifts you can give yourselves without waiting for your man!


1. A serious Timepiece

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It’s almost comical now how ‘serious timepieces’ are for men and gem studded wonders are passed off as watches for women. It’s time for you to change that and gift yourself a Timepiece and not another bracelet. And just to rub it in their faces go for a Rolex- the hallmark of men having arrived in life. The Rolex Daytona looks gorgeous and is just the right power statement in the boardroom and outside it! Powerful women celebrities who love to sport their Rolex Daytonas are Elle Macpherson, Ellen Degenres, Sofia Vergara and closer home Priyanka Chopra.

2. Some Horsepower Boost

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Feeling more self indulgent? Priyanka Chopra was and she went ahead and gifted herself a rocking customised Rolls Royce. So many tried to pry into who was the mysterious man who gifted her so lavishly but it was plain as day that India’s top actress decided to pamper herself. Follow in her footsteps and gift yourself some major horse power. We say nothing says “I love me” like the 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition. It’s the sexiest and edgiest convertible out there that will leave all your male contemporaries green with envy.

3. A dream Holiday

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You work hard and you deserve to play harder. So how about pampering yourself and surprising your man with a dream destination holiday? The ultimate luxury spot we’ve handpicked is the Singita Serengeti House located in Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania. Rented on an exclusive-use-only basis, the lavish retreat is spread across 350,000 acres and right on the migratory route of the wild beasts. Every conceivable luxury is available at hand but the real joy is seeing a herd of elephants washing washing themselves from your bedroom window or gazing at the rhinos nearby while lazing in the infinity pool.

4. A promise Ring

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You have a commitment to yourself. More important than any other you might have in life. So honour that promise to yourself with the diamond studded Piaget Possession Ring. The avant-garde piece is a power statement for successful women with its bold bands delicately embellished in stones. A perfect everyday wear statement piece. And who says a promise ring comes only in sets?

5. Sole to Soul

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Shoe therapy is something all women indulge in pretty regularly. So how to take it a notch higher? Reward yourself a bespoke shoe experience with Nicholas Kirkwood. You can have your own personal appointment with the maverick shoe designer and get a pair of made-to-measure heels. A one off experience and a one off piece just for you. Beats any off the shelf Choo or Louboutin!

6. Bag that joy

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Gift yourself the most luxurious bag out there. No it’s no longer the Birkin ladies. The coveted spot has been snapped up by the Louis Vuitton Capucines Crocodile bag. Go for the black or the nude. It’s a large roomy tote perfect for that power meeting or the week end jaunt in Monaco. But who cares about functionality really when this extravagance is by your side. It’s a great favourite of Angelina Jolie and she means all business carrying it around.

7. Scent of a woman

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When we say get your own signature perfume we don’t mean you choose from the hordes of exclusive, prestigious, limited edition perfumes that are flooding the market. Where’s the fun in that! But how would you like to create your own perfume? Book your appointment at the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Bespoke Fragrance Atelier. They personally interview you in depth to find out what’s your personality like and determine your sensibilities and then make a customised perfume that’s exclusively yours. Think about it- no one in the world will have the same fragrance as you and it’s your essence captured in a bottle. Can a gift be more exclusive?

8. Get your new best friend

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Stop waiting for a man to gift you that big rock. Nothing shines through more than a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings. The perfect self-gift. We recommend a pair of the stunning Graff Octagonal Cut Yellow Diamond Drop earrings. Rare. Alluring. Sensational. Just like you. The diamonds are 64.54 Carats and a unique yellow- only one in 10,000 diamonds yield such colour. And then it’s Graff- only the most prestigious jewellery house in the world. Definitely take in that new best friend!

9. A unique experience


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You’ve been there and done that. A certain jaded-ness has crept in with all that experience and so it’s time to gift yourself a truly unique affair. It could be a night out of crazy partying with the stars at the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party or Dinner in the Sky or rocking it out in style at  Coachella! This is about gifting yourself a new zest for life. So let your hair down, book yourself and your gang of girls for any adventure and just let go.

10. Invest in a piece of Awesomeness

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Want to make a property investment with a difference? Book yourself an apartment on The World, the largest private residential ship on the planet. Now imagine a luxury vacation home that takes you all around the world. The apartments come with a private yacht as well. The World boasts of 164 permanent ‘residential’ homes that a person can invest in. The residents decide the sailing itinerary every year and the facilities on board are the ultimate in luxury. This is the ultimate luxury gift you can invest in for yourself.

May the Force be with you!

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