No other kind of clothing brings that sense of daring and dangerous sensuality to a woman like a pair of leather pants or a fitted leather jacket. And if you’re a girl who loves to dress up the wild and wicked side these are your go-to brands. While most luxury fashion houses do beautiful leather pieces, these handpicked brands are special. Their innate edginess stamps their leather clothes with a feral sensuality that is unique to them. So say hello to the Leather Daddies!

1. Balmain



While this prestigious fashion house was always edgy, under its current Creative Head Olivier Rousteing, Balmain has become the epitome of modern sleekness and its sharp expression in leather wear. Fitted leather pants that suddenly flare, striped leather bandeau or the cult peaked-shoulder Balmain jacket in its leather avatar- this is your ultimate fix for high octane glamourous leather wear!

2. Alexander McQueen


The enfant terrible of the fashion world lives unto its legend when it comes to sassy leather wear. Unconventional, often shocking and totally radical designs are this label’s stamp and its leather apparel carry the same story forward. Gothic leather jackets with shearling trim, the perforated leather corset belt or the totally drool worthy pleated leather graphic dresses from their AW 15 collection, if you like the strong and rebellious look then this is totally up your alley.

3. Theory



Making waves in contemporary women’s fashion Theory’s leather outfits are understated and minimalistic. Their leather wear has that laid-back casual charm with clean lines and luxurious fabric. A fabulous range of jackets and skirts in polished leather, baggy as well as skinny leather pants and moto jackets with a contemporary touch, here’s your dose of relaxed leather chic.

4. Prada



Talk about leather and not mention Prada? This legendary luxury house taught us to think beyond the ubiquitous tiny leather skirts and skinny pants. Flared calf length leather skirts, quilted jackets and gorgeous leather trench coats- Prada has revolutionised leather wear for eons. But the real hero is the material. Softest calf leather or buttery lamb leather- no one feels as luxurious as Prada.

5. Comme des Garçons



This iconic Japanese design house is renowned for its edgy and highly unconventional sensibilities that has always managed to capture the imagination of the younger generations. Pleated leather skirts and leather cape jackets are some distinct pieces but the most popular jackets are the ‘Live Free Die Strong’ slogan jackets that are all the rage.

6. Zadig & Voltaire

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Rock is their DNA. And nothing spells rock ‘n’ rolla like leather! The Zadig & Voltaire signature look is jeans, cashmere pullover, boots and leather jacket worn with the ‘rockstar spirit’. Studded leather jackets and shorts. Multi-zipped miniskirts. Leather bustiers and the signature rockstar leather fringes! All the makings of classic Rock Chic!

7. Belstaff



Good old motorcycling heritage- this British luxury brand is steeped in the spirit of adventure, exploration and freedom. Google Belstaff and you’ll only see images of striking leather jackets and biking gangs. Its even a racing circuit favourite. While men in their Harley fixation naturally gravitate towards this one, for women too its now being looked at as the best answer to the moto-boho proposition!

8. Moschino



Leather has always had the wild child associations and who can translate that better than Moschino?! Their leather wear is all about punk glamour and the badass girl vibe. Loud and cheeky attitude with great impudent style. Busy leather jackets with heavy gold chain details, embossed audacious slogans and leather in bubblegum pinks and hot red! Indulge your inner Miley Cyrus with aplomb.

9. Acne Studio



Very young, fresh and lively, their leather apparel looks very new-age with a heavy pop vibe balanced beautifully with elegance and polish. Androgynous designs and fits is another distinct factor in their designs. They do fabulous leather trenches and full leather pant suits. Also look out for their use of coloured leather in rich shades of teal or brick red.

10. Gucci

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Yeah its a legendary leather luxury goods brand. Yes its been a fashion beacon for decades. But that’s not the reason why we’ve put Gucci here. While its a moot point that their leather is of supreme quality, what caught our eye is their irresistible new jackets. Absolutely splendid silhouettes like peplum and asymmetrical cuts in gorgeous tans and charcoal greys. If what you’re looking for is sophistication and glamorous panache then knock on this door.

So long mon chèri. Bisous! Bisous!

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